Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”
- Harriet Beecher Stowe
Ok, I’m finally sitting down to provide you with an update.  It’s been an eventful few months, for sure.  Last fall, I was the victim in a bike accident.  I wasn’t actually riding the bike….I was walking when a boy rode his bike into me; into my back, to be exact.  He must have been going fast because I was hit very hard….so hard that my vertebrae broke on impact.  I went down fast and hard and, to this day, am amazed that I didn’t break a wrist or an arm.  After three, yes THREE, trips to the ER, they confirmed that I had suffered a compression fracture.  I was admitted and ultimately had surgery and spent a month in the hospital. 
During this time, it was impossible for me to do my cancer therapy because (1) I couldn’t even sit, let alone do a coffee enema (2) the hospital staff confiscated my supplements (3) I was so doped up on narcotics I was hallucinating.
That event and the next few months that followed were, without a doubt, the worst thing that I have ever experienced.    I won’t re-live it here because it would depress you and my eyes well up just thinking about it. 
As with any challenge, there were a lot of positive things that came out of this time.  For one, I learned that I live in a fantastic town.  Friends, neighbors and acquaintances rallied together to help care for our daughters when I couldn’t.  Others prepared organic meals and vegetable juice for me while I was in the hospital as they knew it was important that I not consume the so called “food” that was served (I like my eggs with lots of cholesterol, thank you very much).  Some visited, sent flowers or a card, that put a smile on my face.  My family flew in from across the country to help care for our girls and spend time with me.  My husband and close friends visited me almost every night.  I shared a room in the hospital for two weeks with an 83 year old woman who had more spunk and vitality than most 40 somethings I know (love you, Lauraine). 
I learned that I am incredibly blessed and supported.  Each of these beautiful individuals lifted me, inspired me and, ultimately, saved me.  If you were with me during this time, please know that I couldn’t have made it through this without you.
I was back on some of the Gonzalez Therapy within a few days of returning home from the hospital.  With help and time, I was able to walk and do my enemas.  To this day, the therapy continues to work very well for me and my cancer continues to regress each month.  It takes time, commitment and determination but it is SO worth it. 

Fast forward seven months – life is much better.  Although this event set my cancer therapy back  about a year, I am slowly re-building my health and making my way back to where I was before the accident.    

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dr. G on Fox TV!

“We should never wait for science to give us permission to do the uncommon; if we do, then we are turning science into another religion. We should be brave enough to contemplate our lives and move ‘outside the box’ and do it repeatedly”

                                                                      -          Dr. Joe Dispenza in Evolve Your Brain

I can’t believe it.  I think Hell may be freezing over.  Over the past few weeks, Dr. Gonzalez has been on mainstream television, not once, but twice!

If you’ve followed my healing journey, then you’re likely aware of the fact that the healthcare industry is run by the pharmaceutical companies and that these corporate giants own and influence the media.  As a result, a man as controversial as Dr. Gonzalez rarely gets air time on mainstream TV and, when he does, the producers/hosts do their best to discredit him.  If you saw his interview on Dateline a few years ago, then you know what I’m talking about.  Rather than focus on the incredible efficacy of The Gonzalez Protocol, the host chose to spend a significant amount of time dissecting the hair sample analysis that Dr. Gonzalez uses in addition to standard conventional medical scans and tests.  It was a total disservice to cancer patients everywhere. (Fortunately, Dr. Gonzalez was cool, calm and collected.  I thought he appeared very credible and really saved the show.)

The good news is that times are changing!  Supermodel Carol Alt now hosts a show called “A Healthy You”.  It airs at 4:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.  In the few weeks that I have watched the show, I’ve seen Carol interview some of the most controversial healers in the industry.  She’s shedding light on some very taboo subjects such as curing cancer, GMOs and what-in-the-world has been added to our drinking water. 

I’ve included a couple links below where you can watch her interview Dr. Gonzalez.  In the first clip, Carol admits that she is a cancer patient of Dr. Gonzalez’ and that he saved her life:

In the second clip, she interviews Dr. Gonzalez and a patient of his who suffered from eclampsia.  Dr. Gonzalez explains how he is successful at reversing and preventing diagnoses that the conventional doctors simply can’t address such as eclampsia and post partum depression.

I’ll provide a health update soon.  I hope you enjoy the day!